Monday, 11 April 2016

BBS Radnorshire, days 4-5

I'm just back from an enjoyable two days at my first BBS meeting. Today's outing with group 2 in almost constant rain didn't produce any outstanding bryological highlights, but was uesful nonetheless in gaining familiarity with species I've seen little of previously. The co-called Burfa Bog (SO2761) turned out to be more of a mesotrophic mire with lots of alder (though it was lovely to see several good patches of Aulacomnium androgynum on the bases of some of the alders). The nearby Burfa Bank was typical acidic woodland though someone found Anthoceros on a trackway. A village stop at New Radnor after that produced a good range of urban species plus some Leucodon sciuroides found by Mark Pool on a huge ash tree.

Yesterday was better both weather-wise and bryologically. After some Porella cordaeana and Orthotrichum rivulare along the Afon Edw near Cregrina, we moved onto Glascwm Hill and ascended a gully which held Pohlia cruda, Cladipodiella fluitans and tonnes of Bartramia pomiformis and Amphidium mougeotii. Much time was spent searching flushes on the hilltop and eventually Sharon Pilkington found some Hamatocaulis vernicosus, growing near Sphagnum contortum and Palustriella falcata. There were also some impressive patches of Calliergon giganteum, probably my favourite new bryo from the trip.

Lunch at Glascwm Hill
Calliergon giganteum
Hamatocaulis vernicosus
Pohlia cruda
It probably worked out for the best that I missed the Stanner trip as I'm not sure I'd have been ready for the Grimmia-fest, but I look forward to Barry and Sam's report.


  1. Some really nice stuff there George.

  2. Glad you managed to get a weekend in George and managed to see some new species. Hopefully you'll find one or two of these in Glamorgan now. It was a tough introduction to the Grimmia species with them being so saturated, but nevertheless very educational and great fun. I'll be looking for another trip to get back onto this incredible lump of rock.

  3. I would love to lead a small group to Stanner soon to survey more outcrops. It would need to be a weekday though I'm afraid.