Friday, 28 April 2017

Ammanford miscellany in SN61B

A population of Riccia subbifurca along a muddy track near Ammanford was unexpected. There were few other species of note other than Plagiomnium elatum, which was recorded nearby in marshy grassland in association with abundant Valeriana dioica. A pink Bryum, possibly pallens (still to check my specimen), was collected from an area of disturbed wet grassland, Physcomitrium pyriforme being the most frequent associate.


  1. Nice find. I've still to record R. subbifurca. Presumably it is significantly smaller than R. glauca?


  2. Yes individual shoots are a bit smaller, but it can form larger clusters of shoots and is just as noticeable. The thicker margins, which become purple tinged on mature shoots are helpful features.

  3. Thanks Barry, that's helpful.