Wednesday, 30 August 2017

Baglan worm farm stop

Last week, following surveys at Baglan Burrows, I stopped to look at the birds feeding at the worm farm and noticed an odd-looking Tortella, which proved to be inclinata. There was 70% cover within a 1m square patch at SS7316291405, though I didn't check elsewhere on this extensive brown field site (formerly part of the BP Baglan land), so it would seem likely the species is more widespread here.

The area supports a diverse flora with numerous dune and calcareous grassland elements which are managed by a healthy rabbit population. Areas of slag substrate with drifts of wind-blown sand support species-rich vegetation including areas with Clinopodium acinos, the main associated bryophytes being Encalypta streptocarpa and Hypnum cupressiforme var. lacunosum.


  1. Funnily enough I looked at part of that site a few days ago, initially attracted by the large numbers of Lepiota alba (L.erminea) fruiting bodies there. I didn't notice the Tortella - nice record for NPT.

  2. This big (though decreasing) site always seems to produce something new, and is always worthy of revisits.