Saturday, 18 November 2017

Bryos for beginners

This morning I led a 'bryophytes for beginners' walk for SEWBReC, in the Wern Ddu woodland to the south-east of Caerphilly. Everything worked out well - the forecast rain didn't materialise, but it was damp enough that the patches of Thuidium tamariscinum, Plagiochila asplenioides and other large bryophytes were looking luxuriant. We focussed on the woodland floor species but had time for a few epiphytes as well, including a quick look at the Colura on willow which Barry found during the Red-flanked Bluetail twitch last winter.

Photo by SEWBReC
The 10 attendees seemed enthused and not too overwhelmed by lots of new species and new names - hopefully some of them will go on to submit bryophyte records in the future.

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  1. Excellent start to your recordership George, getting others involved is not something I did much of.