Monday, 2 April 2018

What were the chances of that!

On our way back from Hay-on-Wye yesterday, we happened to stop for a cup of tea at the lay-by in the Beacons not far from where Graham reported checking up on the Plagiopus last December. So as I had a pin in my map and I remembered a reference to a Holly, while the others were sipping their tea, I 'shot' up the slope to the only crag I could see that had a Holly tree growing out of it. Sure enough there was plenty Plagiopus doing it's thing nicely, plus good quantities of the lovely green lichen Graham had also posted a photo of. So I grabbed a quick snap, before slipping quickly back down the hill before I got the call saying 'where are you?'  Perhaps it wasn't the greatest coincidence in the world, but I was quite surprised to discover that I'd grabbed a photo of the exact same patch of Solorina saccata as shot (much better) by Graham:
Graham's photo 

and my phone grab shot

plus the Plagiopus of course


  1. The pale edged thallus just left of centre doesn't appear to have grown at all. I sometimes see Peltigera leucophlebia on the upland limestone and more calcareous ORS in the Beacons is a similar gorgeous green colour.

  2. Your camera has definitely done a much better job of picking up those gorgeous greens.