Thursday, 31 March 2016

Tan-y-Graig (SN60S/X)

Rhabdoweisia is not a genus I've had much experience of, so I'd welcome any advice on this one. The habitat (above) and lack of a peristome on most capsules say fugax, but the leaves seem to say crispata (i.e. cell width in upper part of leaves mostly 12-15µm, leaf lamina avge cell count at 220µm from leaf tip =7 and rounded leaf shape with irregular teeth). Cynodontium bruntonii was the only direct associate, but others on the same crag included Racomitrium aquaticum, Andreaea rothii subsp. falcata, Diplophyllum albicans, etc.
Marsupella marginata var. marginata was frequent including patches in fruit


  1. That toothed leaf apex says R crispata to me - an excellent record in VC41!

  2. Great record Barry. Where is that site?

  3. Thanks Sam, I was hoping you were going to say that. Charles, there is a line of crags as you head north from Craig-cefn-parc. I've spent couple of 30 minute sessions now and had a couple of nice things in the two short sections I've looked at. Access is easy all the way along. The Rhabdoweisia was at SN68000537 or there abouts. There's not a lot of it from what I could see in my brief search, though I did see it in a couple of spots. I parked at the farm and told them what I was doing (to which the lady jovially said "oo it sounds really boring"!), but it's on the common and there's good parking just to the south.