Sunday, 26 February 2017

Crawley Bluff

view east over Nicholaston dunes from the mid-cliff path
It was nice to get out in the sunshine on Friday given the weather we've had recently and look for some reptiles - Adders, Viviparous and Wall Lizards were all tempted out by the brief spell of warm weather. A little casual mossing added three species to the well-worked SS58D, taking it on to 169. The only interesting species of the three was Schistidium elegantulum, with four tufts noted in two locations on rocks alongside the mid-cliff of the bluff. In a soil pocket alongside one of the clumps were a few patches of the distinctive Toninia sedifolia. I did keep an eye open for Rhodobryum, as there is a historical record for this section of cliff, but to no avail.
large tuft of S. elegantulum
3 scrappy tufts of S. elegantulum & T. sedifolia
cliff section with 3 scrappy tufts

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