Saturday, 2 December 2017

Lower Clydach River above Craig-cefn-parc

I never found anything remarkable during a two hour search along a 1km stretch of the river today, which lacked any cascades greater than what are visible in the above photo. There was a nice colony of Jungermannia pumila (above) on one of only a couple of small cliffs, but probably the most interesting species were Ephemerum minutissimum and Bryum sauteri in an area of disturbed M23a.

One curiosity was Phlebia radiata which was enveloping entire shoots of Hypnum cupressiforme creating an interesting form (note the sample on the right in the image below has been turned upside-down). 


  1. I presume that the Phlebia was sharing a woody substrate with the Hypnum, otherwise that is a very strange association.
    Some really nice records there for the Clydach Valley.

  2. Yes on a Hypnum-covered log - quite beautiful the way it has grown out and enveloped the moss. There are other instances of this species growing this way.