Monday, 11 December 2017

Lower Clydach River above Pont Llechart

Another short visit into this cascade-free and almost cliff-free valley revealed no real surprises, with just a few tetrad additions. Species noted of general interest included Colura calyptrifolia (photo below), Fontinalis squamosa, Heterocladium heteropterum var. flaccidum, Schistidium rivulare, Solenostoma paroicum, and Trichostomum tenuirostre (photo below).

This Ash supported Radula complanata at a level of abundance I've not seen before; all of the green growth visible being this species.

Non-bryological interest was provided by a little bit of Sticta fuliginosa agg./sylvatica growing on a willow, a genus in which all species appear to be very rare in Glamorgan.


  1. Pity it is a young plant, but nice to find a Sticta of any species in Glam - might be useful to keep an eye on it to see what it grows into (if no one confident enough to name from the pic). Did you see the note in recent BLS bulletin splitting fuliginosa into four separate entities?

  2. I noted two small thalli and I do feel guilty for having collected one them, though I'm sure there must be more as I barely glanced at the trees during my walk. As Alan (Orange) has kindly offered to sequence my voucher, it will hopefully mean we should know what species occurs at the reserve.

  3. Good work Barry.

    I get the impression Radula might have increased in abundance even in the few years I've been looking at bryos. It was very common on the trees at Wern Ddu during the intro to bryos walk a few weeks ago, inlcuding a few trees with a similar level of abundance to the one in your photo.