Thursday, 18 January 2018

Little match sticks - not really in our patch

I have just been going through some old bryophyte pictures - deleting the rubbish ones and puzzling over some unlabelled ones.  I came across one of Aulacomnium androgynum (which I haven't seen in Wales for ages and possibly since I took this photo) which I took during the 2005 Ceredigion BBS meeting.  There were several tufts growing on an oak tree in Cwm Doethie - not too far from the Carmarthenshire border!

I notice it is still bracketed for VC46 (I think there is one older record) - wonder if Tom would accept this pic as a voucher?

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  1. With just two post-1999 Glamorgan records, this is a very localised species in our region. The UK distribution suggests it does not do terribly well in the west.