Saturday, 20 January 2018


Yesterday's lunchtime outing was pleasing because it turned out to be less mundane than I expected. My aim was to top up tetrad ST08R (east of Llantrisant) from the existing list of 20 species recorded by CCW in the 90s. I wasn't sure exactly where I'd end up but there was parking at Rhiwsaeson so I explored the area along the old railway line from ST070828 as far as the Nant Myddlyn at ST072828.
Epiphytes were plentiful on the young ash trees along the old railway and included 6 species of Orthotrichum (topped up to 8 species by O. diaphanum and O. anomalum on concrete fence posts). The highlight was found on hazel at the bottom of the railway embankment - a 10cm long patch of Pylaisia polyantha with the characteristic multiple generations of capsules present. I think this is the 5th Glamorgan tetrad, of which three are between Cardiff and Llantrisant.
The banks of the Nant Meddlyn were rather nice too, with abundant Homalia and a little Anomodon on stonework by the stream (photo below), Lejeunea lamacerina on alder and Neckera complanata and Sciuro-hypnum populeum on sycamore.
My list so far is 58 species though I have a few Ulota samples still to check. Most of the CCW species were different so the tetrad total should now exceed 70 - I think I'll call that 'job done' for this one (though it's tempting to have a look at the nearby hillfort sometime).

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