Wednesday, 9 January 2019

Bonfire fungus

I've been checking Funaria-covered bonfire sites for fruit bodies of bryoparasitic fungi for ages, so I was pleased to finally spot some little orange apothecia near the car park at Cwm Llwch (Brecon Beacons) at the weekend.
Using the bryoparasitic pezizales website, the large, smooth, elliptical spores are a good fit with Octospora excipulata (web link here), which seems to be the commonest of the three fungi recorded as parasitic on Funaria.


  1. Well done George. I can't even find any Funaria at the moment - neither whilst grotting in St Mellons today nor in a Pontypool Industrial Estate on Monday.

  2. All the bonfire sites resulting from our BC work parties get covered in it within a year, but despite searching them for fungi I've never been able to spot any.