Friday, 17 October 2014

Fairwood Lake

Yesterday I found Tetraphis pellucida to be locally frequent on Carex paniculata 'trunks' along with a selection of more mundane things. I'm sure there are more interesting species to be found in this bryo-friendly niche.
tussock-sedges along dam edge of Fairwood Lake
Anyway SS59V was the last non-estuarine square in SS59 to be bashed, so all now have exceeded my nominal target of 60 species. The average tetrad count is a rather satisfying 79.8 and whilst I can claim the bulk of the records are mine, several squares received a significant boost from Sam's occasional visits to my home hectad. No doubt there will still be plenty interesting things to find in SN59, but for now it's on to the next hectad ...


  1. Very well done! I found it really satisfying to see Eurhynchium (Kindbergia) praelongum 'go black' for a hectad when recording in Pembs.

    I think you need to head north-east from home now, Barry. SN60 looks dismally under-recorded, and holds a lot of upland habitats that are absent from ST59.