Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Ulota calvescens, at last

I finally joined the calvescens club today. After looking for this species a few times in Cardiff in late winter, the usual thing happened - I chanced across it while doing something different. I wasn't even looking at bryos while surveying Marsh Fritillaries at Nany y Crimp SSSI (north of M4 J47) today, but this large tuft on a dead willow stem was so striking that it was unmissable.

As often happens, I'd been wondering if I was overlooking it (among other Ulota), but having seen the real thing I'm pretty sure I haven't seen it until now (unless it is not usually so striking).


  1. Well done George - that's a cracker!! Some tufts aren't that obvious, and to be honest I'm not sure how many I'm missing, but that ticks all the sporophyte boxes.

  2. Thanks Sam. I forgot to mention I did check the leaves under the 'scope too.

  3. Nice photo George, the sporophytes are so clear. It will provide an excellent reference for id.