Monday, 14 November 2016

Pylaisia at last

Going through some samples collected from a visit to Creigiau at the weekend, I wondered to myself 'why did I bring that Hypnum home?'. Then I looked at the capsules and realised it was Pylaisia polyantha. In the field I hadn't bothered to look properly at the capsules (and hadn't noticed there were several generations of capsules present), but I guess something about it looked different from typical Hypnum.

The habitat was a willow trunk in wet woodland at ST076812 - only about 3km north-west of where Sam found it recently in similar habitat (at Ty-du SSSI), but in a different 10km square. It is likely that I've overlooked other populations of this moss in south-east Glamorgan.


  1. Well done George. It's one that's been on my radar for about a year now, though I'm still yet to see it here in the west - your observation will inspire me to look a little bit harder...