Tuesday, 4 April 2017

Pal y Cwrt pit stop

Last Saturday we went for a drive over Mynydd Du and during a pit stop at Pal y Cwrt in the hope of a migrant Ring Ouzel (none, but lots of Wheatears in song) I noticed a lovely patch of Antennaria dioica, which was lf in a 6m x 4m area at SN67681813. I made a very quick list of associates and grabbed a small sample with a mix of liverworts and some fruiting Weissia for checking, from the location arrowed above, these being: Ctenidium molluscum, Ditrichum gracile, Encalypta streptocarpa, Hypnum cupressiforme var. lacunosum, Lophozia excisa, Plagiochila porelloides, Thymus polytrichus, Tortella tortuosa and Weissia brachycarpa var. obliqua. My sample also contained shoots that look very much like Bryum kunzei, which is not known from Carmarthensire, so I'll send the sample to Tom, unless Sam would like to take a look first.


  1. Pit stops are obviously the way forward. Good luck with the Bryum.

  2. Well spotted, Barry - that certainly looks like Bryum kunzei and it would be new for Carms. Pit Stops are a very good idea in Carmarthenshire, because the county's tetrads are quite well-recorded but there are plenty of uncommon (and even fairly common) species to add.

  3. Excellent. It's always exciting to see Antennaria.