Wednesday, 3 May 2017

Kenfig dune slack day

I enjoyed an excellent introduction to dune slack bryophytes today, organised by Hannah Shaw of Freshwater Habitats Trust and led by Sam. Despite not finding any Petalophyllum there were plenty of highlights.
One of several splendid fruiting patches of Amblyodon dealbatus (thanks to Barry for the tip on where to find it).
Several thalli of Moerckia flotoviana found by Sam at SS78738194 (first site record since 2012?).

Pseudocalliergon lycopodioides at SS788820.


  1. That was impressively quick, George! I don't have any photos to add, but have just checked my Tortella from the tail end of the day: this was T flavovirens of the large-celled 'var glareicola'. This former variety, sunk by David Holyoak because of intergrades in Cornwall, usually looks pretty different to coastal slope plants of var flavovirens and I regularly see it mimicking T inclinata in Welsh dune systems.

    It was a very nice, interesting group of attendees, though I'm sorry we only encountered 20 or so bryophyte species. Dunes can be hard work, though they hold some very special species!

  2. Thanks Sam. I'm glad you checked the Tortella as I took a small sample and I'd no doubt have been bamboozled by it.

    I forgot to mention the second location for Amblyodon, growing near the Moerckia.