Monday, 6 November 2017

Aloina ambigua in Singleton Park

There was an abundance of this species, which was fruiting prolifically, on paths of the herb garden wheel @ SS62899245. As can be seen in the top image the paths are made up of a different material (a fine reddish dirt) to the rest of the garden, so the species may be confined to his feature. The basal membrane of the peristome is just about visible on some capsules in the field, but is best confirmed under the microscope. I didn't note all associates, but they included Pseudocrossidium hornschuchianum, Didymodon luridus and Marchantia polymorpha ssp ruderalis. These are generally scarce in a moss turf that was dominated by the ambigua.


  1. Very nice record, and new for county I think.

  2. Not quite new for the county (Barry had it at Port Eynon a couple of years ago) but a great record nonetheless. A species I'd really like to see.