Wednesday, 27 December 2017

Epiphyte on an epiphyte

I've been keeping half an eye out for specimens of the Ulota crispa complex, but all I've found recently has been U. bruchii. However, a specimen of bruchii found today at Taf Fechan Forest (SO048167, VC42) was enlivened by a tiny plant of Colura calyptrifolia which was growing on one of the old, brown leaves at the base of the cushion. This was at 400m asl in a fairly open situation at the edge of the forestry plantation.


  1. It's about time I too put in some effort to look for the Ulota group; I may even give it an hour today? Interesting observation of the Colura. Yours sounds a clear cut case, but I often see small liverworts like Microlejeunea ulicina creeping around on tufts of Orthotrichum and Ulota which can look epiphyllous. I dont record these as such.

  2. Indeed. This one was firmly anchored to the Ulota - I should have got a photo.