Friday, 18 September 2015

Glamorgan update

Dave Slade sent through what was hopefully the bulk of Sam's missing records this morning, which together with George's summer offerings, now gives us a pretty comprehensive dataset for modern (i.e. post 1999) recording effort in the county. I'm guessing like many of us Charles and Hilary have eased off bryophyte recording over the summer, but probably have some records to add from NPT. The updated tetrad map below does include a reasonable amount of older data which is now on my system, but I know there is still a more to be added. At least now anyone fancying a bit of square-bashing will know where to find 'sub-60' squares. We now have 205 squares with 60+ spp recorded, i.e. 33% of Glamorgan's 624 tetrads, so still plenty opportunities for exploration of virgin territory to be had.
Map below from the end of 2014 shows progress in 2015
Apologies for the lack of labels, but the plot below shows the number of records made annually (or rather those that are now on the MapMate system) since 1980, with pre-1980 records lumped:


  1. It's great to have these regular updates Barry - both to know where we stand and to spur us on to keep up the square bashing.

    I think some of mine must still be missing from your system - e.g. I had 56 species in ST2080 (ST28A) on 13/3/15 but only 30 species are shown for this tetrad on your latest map. If you're missing these records it might be something I have to chase up with Dave.

  2. Thanks Barry, I echo George's comment on the usefulness of these updates. H and I did only minimal bryophyte recording this summer. You may be missing some records from a few forays into RCT, but that hardly affects the overall picture.