Sunday, 20 September 2015

Whiteford Bryum search

Nick Edwards kindly invited me down to me meet David Holyoak last Wednesday, who was carrying out a series of dune slack bryophyte surveys in Wales. It was good to spend a little time with the very affable Mr Holyoak before letting him get on with things, but not before he had shown us Bryum marratii and putative B. warneum in the 'new' slack. Very much looking forward to seeing David's final report.
David at the first putative Bryum warneum location
A patch of B. marratii at Whiteford from April 2012 (first found by Sam)
The material seen last week was fresher and greener, the spreading,
blunt-tipped leaves being very good characters to look for.


  1. Was there B marratii in the new slack, then, as well as on the upper saltmarsh where I found it? That would be very exciting news. Sorry I didn't reply to your text, Barry, I didn't get it until that evening and figured it was too late. The red star on the map was an historic locality for Petalwort.

  2. Yes, we found a couple of patches when I was there, so I'm sure David will have found more. The impression I got from David was that succession was a bit more advanced than he was hoping for, though we had only looked at a small area before I left him to it.