Sunday, 21 February 2016

Oxwich Point

Dicranum bonjeanii & Bryum canariense habitat
A belated post from 15th when I found myself in SS58C. The square was already on 73 taxa, but an extra 29 taxa were added including Schistidium elegantulum, Bryum kunzei, Dicranum bonjeanii (photo below), Plasteurhynchium striatulum & Rhynchostegium megapolitanum. Although Bryum canariense (photo below) wasn't new for the square, this is a new location and one where there was more than I can recall seeing in other parts of Gower. This is a species worth being aware of when searching the Vale limestone exposures; the dark green tufts and serrated upper leaf margins being good field characters.

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  1. Looks a nice bit of habitat. Will keep that Bryum in mind when out in the Vale, thanks for the tip.