Wednesday, 17 February 2016

Oxyrrhynchium schleicheri

This is one of many species which I suspect I would overlook even if I was lucky enough to see it. As far as I know we have no recent Glamorgan records but there are several historic ones, so perhaps as a group we are guilty of passing it over as O. hians (unless it's declined, or is just very rare in the county).

Any tips on where to look and what to look for would be appreciated. I'd imagine the underground stems, mentioned as a key feature in the field guide, would not always be easy to extract in the field.

Information and photos would be welcome, thanks!


  1. I haven't any photos of O schleicheri I'm afraid, but my general search image is one of lots of rather upright branches pointing away from the substrate in rather a parallel way (hard to explain) rather than the flatter look of Kindbergia or O hians. It is perilously similar to O hians var rigidum.

    As for habitat, I see it regularly on lane banks in the Old Red Sandstone bits of Monmouthshire, and seldom if at all in other habitats. I'd guess it should cross into Glamorgan but as I have only seen it once in Carms and not at all in Pembs I suspect it will be pretty scarce in VC41.

  2. Thanks Sam - I'll try to remember to look out for it when I'm working in the ORS area of VC35.