Monday, 26 September 2016

Riccia sorocarpa along Pembrey Forest track

No where near as significant as Charles and Hilary's Pelenna observation, but forest tracks clearly provide good opportunities for other Riccia species too. This was part of quite a nice colony on a damp sandy track not far from the camp site (SN405001), stumbled upon shortly before we came out of the woods and ended up at a miniature steam rally - so much for a quiet walk in the woods!

I don't know if Charles is able to name these fungi? Both were found in an interesting area of willow carr which clearly floods in the winter?


  1. All Riccias are significant in my book, especially when they are on forest tracks.
    Fungi - the yellowish one with the pointy cap looks like Inocybe rimosa (called I.fastigiata in some books). It is notoriously varied in its cap colour, but often ochre or yellowish. The specimens in the photo look quite young. With age the gills go brown (the spores are brown) and the cap usually splits. It's poisonous!.
    The other one looks like a Pluteus (possibly P. cervinus), although I'd have expected to see a more pink colouration in the gills. Pluteus cervinus grows on wood (which may be buried) or on sawdust or wood debris.

  2. Thanks Charles - I don't pick fungi for eating so other than my fingertips dropping off, hopefully I'll live.