Wednesday, 28 September 2016

Splach attack

You'd be forgiven for thinking this is another photo of the Splachnum ampullaceum found on Fairwood Common eight days ago, but it was in fact found on a cow pat at Cefn Gwili, Carmarthenshire (SN577090) today. We also found 25 (rather soggy) Marsh Fritillary webs at this SSSI site, so a pretty good day despite the grim weather.

Sam also found S. ampullaceum at a site 7km west of here a few weeks ago. It's proving to be a good season for finding new Splachnum sites.


  1. Great work - I need to get checking too, though mostly in the dunes at present, so not much chance there...

  2. This is excellent, particularly given that there were only 2 post 1950 records from Carms, and both of those were mine from the last couple of year.

  3. Thanks both. Spending virtually the whole of September in Splachnum habitat has certainly helped my chances of finding new sites.