Friday, 14 October 2016

Afan Forest Park

The larch felling program of the last few years has resulted in a proliferation of new tracks in the Park, where heavy vehicle tires have created habitats for all sorts of earth mosses and liverworts. Dicranella varia is probably one of the most important pioneers in this habitat, but others include infuriating little Bryum spp., Achidium alternifolium, Dicranella schreberiana, Trichodon cylindricus, Pohlia annotina, Pohlia wahlenbergiiPseudephemerum nitidum, Fossombronia spp. and Riccia subbifurca (now recorded from two separate forest tetrads).

Pseudephemerum nitidum, Afan Forest Park

Fossombronia wondraczeckii, Afan Forest Park

Fossombronia wondraczeckii spores

Riccia subbifurca, Afan Forest Park

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  1. I guess it's a bit of a boom period in this particular habitat for these ephemeral species, so it's great you're working on what is developing into afascinating data set.