Saturday, 1 October 2016

Riccarda latifrons on Sitka logs (again)

Riccardia latifrons on Sitka Spruce Log, Afan Forest Park

Apical portion of Riccardia latifrons leaf

Third record for Glamorgan (I think) and second for NPT. Like Barry's earlier record for Crynant Forest this colony was on a Sitka Spruce log. This was in the Argoed Valley, above the Visitors Centre. Elsewhere in the park (Pelenna Valley) we recently had logs with Riccardia  chamedryfolia and R. palmata. Common associates on decorticated Sitka logs include Nowellia curvifolia (often abundant), Lophocolea bidentata, L. heterophylla,  Campylopus flexuosus, Tetraphis pellucida, Cephalozia bicuspidataDiplophyllum albicans and Lepidozia reptans
Riccardia latifrons is probably more widespread in South Wales than we think, even though it may not be very common- there's a lot of Sitka logs out there!
And if your looking at Sitka logs, you'll probably see some nice fungi, particularly Stagshorns e.g. Calocera viscosa and C. pallidospathulata ........ sorry, couldn't resist it.

Calocera viscosa

Calocera pallidospathulata

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  1. Very nice Charles - that looks a very healthy colony of latifrons. I don't think any of use mind seeing fungi photos on here, so no apologies necessary and do keep them coming.
    Just spent 2 days without wifi in the house - made me realise how much I actually use it!