Thursday, 3 August 2017

Something exciting in the Black Mountains

Something a little more exciting than Sphagnum quinqueferium caught my eye during today's Welsh Clearwing surveys in the Black Mountains. A luxuriant 50cm square patch of Antitrichia curtipendula atop a dry stone wall!

The location in SO2627 is about 300m inside VC35. The Atlas shows a pre-1950 dot for SO22. The known site in SO23 (VC42) is around 5km to the north-west of here.


  1. Wow - what a find! One of the three old Monmouthshire records is from a stone wall a few km further south on that ridge, "Old wall between The Queen's Head and Pontyspig, A Ley pre-1900"; the others are a 19th century Ley record from the Llanthony Valley and a pre-1800 record from between Pontypool and Crumlin. I assumed the species was long-gone, though I was expecting an epiphytic patch would turn up eventually. Can you send me a precise GR please.

  2. What a brilliant find George - your next challenge is to find some in Glamorgan!