Thursday, 31 August 2017

Things in abundance

Well, apart from Russula ochroleuca, which at the moment is fruiting in thousands in NPT's Sitka forests........
Firstly, Riccia subbifurca along one of the new logging tracks in Pelenna Forest. Where there were a dozen or so rosettes last year, this year there are hundreds,  with 50+ per square metre in places.

Pelenna Forest Logging Track, habitat for Riccia subbifurca

Riccia subbifurca rosettes - a small part of the Pelenna population!

Secondly, large amounts of Usnea articulata on several Japanese Larch trees on the Maes Gwyn opencast site (SN85230854). I guess it's a bit like the Brechfa Forest population. I'm not sure how fast that stuff grows, but it is represented here in small, medium and long sizes with several  individuals > 50cm long, so it doesn't look like a recent colonist. These larches are plastered in epiphytes, including assorted Ulotas which need checking.

Usnea articulata on Japanese Larch, Maes Gwyn

Usnea articulata on Japanese Larch, Maes Gwyn

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  1. Wow, so refreshing to see formerly rare species doing so well. The Usnea looks amazing!