Thursday, 7 September 2017

More Tortella torture

dry and wetted vouchers of T. tortuosa  from Port Eynon Point
Recent changes in Tortella taxanomy inspired me to look a bit more critically at a specimen of Tortella tortuosa I collected on the headland at Port Eynon. Whilst I'm sure it is said that species, it took a good while to find any leaves with quadrate superficial cells on the dorsal, upper costa - eventually I did find some but most lacked quadrate cells from leaf-base to tip.


  1. Pete Martin and I were bryologising around Llangattock quarry the other day (with a view to bringing our Glos group over sometime this winter/spring - we like to escape from Gloucestershire now and again for something a bit different). We collected lots of Tortella - probably all tortuosa! Will send in our records anyway, once we've checked everything.

    Pete came across your blog yesterday - we hadn't been aware of it before but it looks really helpful. Can you tell me - on the county lists page, what does 'recent' mean? There's probably a convention for it that I don't know...

    I think we will be bringing our group over - likely date 11th March next year, if anyone would like to join us? We'll publish the date on the BBS website once confirmed.

    Thanks again for a great website.

  2. Hi Claire, glad you've discovered the blog and thank you for the kind comments. Sam drew up the initial list, so I'm not sure what 'recent' refers to exactly, though id guess from about 1980?
    Whether it's Mons or Glam you visit next, any records will be most welcome. The Glamorgan tetrad coverage map will hopefully give you options to consider if you make it this far west.