Tuesday, 20 February 2018

Syntrichia virescens?

A small Syntrichia growing on the trunk of a street lime caught my eye as I was walking to the woodland south of Llanishen Reservoir for a quick square bash. It looks reasonably convincing for S. virescens, with toothed hairpoints and notched leaf apices, though the length of the basal cells (30-62 microns, averaging 37-45 microns) straddles the ranges given in Smith for differentiating S. virescens and S. montana. It was certainly smaller than typical montana, but as virescens would be new for VC41 I'm being cautious and seeking the opinion of others - thoughts welcome.


  1. You need cross section from the leaf :)
    It's a hungarian blog but with useful photos.

  2. Thanks Nagy. Those photos look very helpful. I'll give it a go!