Saturday, 11 April 2015

Distichium inclinatum

Tried a bit of casual recording this weekend and took the opportunity to check on the D. inclinatum population on Baglan Dunes.

Distichium inclinatum colonies on Baglan Dunes

Plants with characteristic distichous leaf arrangement

I'm happy to report that this is a large, healthy population with hundreds of colonies. The habitat is entirely artificial, consisting of a large bed of limestone gravel. The other main colonist is Encalypta streptocarpa.

Limestone gravel bed habitat, Baglan Dunes (SS72589195)

D. inclinata has declined in, or disappeared from several coastal sites in Britain (including South Wales), so man made habitats like these, which are very easy to create, could be of great importance for this species. The site is easy to get to and you can't miss the plants. It's probably one of the biggest populations in South Wales. There is a similar, but much smaller population on limestone gravel in an open mosaic habitat on Baglan Energy Park.


  1. Distichium is also doing well in limestone quarries on Mynydd Du, Carms, and is occasional on mortar in that general area. Your forestry track colonies are another example of an artificial habitat, Charles. Its only Pembs colony is on mortar of a railway bridge. The Kenfig dune slack population has declined to ca10 shoots in one tuft and I don't think any other slack colonies remain in the south, and I think it's only at Aberffraw in the north now.

  2. There's also Barry's small population on a wall in Cymmer.

  3. There`s very similar habitat to the Baglan site behind (ie N of) the Huntsman Chemical Works at Bynea, Llanelli. I can probably arrange access for Barry (who lives only c 10 mins away) to visit....I need to contact them (and visit myself) with regard to moth trapping at this site anyway.

  4. That is a pretty amazing population and I can't help wondering what other local sites it might also be present at? Good to see you've recovered enough from your injury to get out.
    Ian, keep me posted about the Huntsman site please

  5. Certainly one to look out for on this kind of site - thanks for drawing my attention to it.