Saturday, 11 April 2015

Pyriform ditch

I spent part of Thursday's lunch break looking for bryos in a ditch by the entrance track to Median Farm.  The most obvious moss there was Physcomitrium pyriforme, fruiting abundantly.  Alongside it was a narrow-leaved Dicranoid moss with yellowish setae that looked wrong for Dicranella heteromalla but I couldn't work it out.  Eventually I found a single unripe pear-shaped capsule and noticed that the lower parts of the shoots had red rhizoids and gemmae.  It was Leptobryum pyriforme: an uncommon and totally unpredictable moss in S Wales.  Pohlia camptotrachela and Fossombronia wondraczekii were also in there, and a Sycamore sported some Orthotrichum stramineum and O lyellii.


  1. Nice. I've been meaning to look at that ditch. Was this in the upper section of the ditch (nearest the farmhouse), which was scraped out last winter?

  2. Yes, the best patches of Leptobryum were at the farmhouse end of the ditch.

  3. Thanks - I should be down there next week so will take a look. I've only seen Leptobryum growing in plant pots.