Sunday, 19 April 2015

Weedy Frillwort at Nat. Bot. Garden of Wales

A Fossombronia fruiting in the car park today keyed out as incurva, a new species for me. The habitat isn't quite the norm for this species so I hope I've got it right, but the spore size plus the ornamentation, with some in clusters of 4, are all right.
spores in clusters of 4
small tick marks are 2.5µm


  1. Well spotted, Barry. I was at NBGW over the weekend too, but didn't spot any Fossombronia! The habitat is fairly typical for Carms, as 4 of our 15 records are from tracks and another 4 are from quarry floors. It's an uncommon member of the same assemblage as Camyplopus subulatus, which may well be in the NBGW carpark too.

    Would you like a complete bryo dataset for the NBGW area? It'll all be in WWBIC too.

  2. Thanks Sam. Yes please, that would be extremely helpful.