Sunday, 24 April 2016

Bonfire Bryum

note depauperate specimens on burnet log
also a little Funaria hygrometrica in foreground
This, as yet, unidentified species (possibly pallescens) was found last week fruiting super-abundantly on a small bonfire site in the dunes at Whiteford. The main reason for the post is to ask for advice so I can keep the sample alive until the capsules mature - my track record with this genus isn't very good! Currently I have it in the pot as shown on the kitchen window-sill and I'm planning to keep it moist by maintaining ~1cm of water in the base of the pot.


  1. Maybe worthwhile splitting the sample putting one outside in full light in a well drained pot with some washed sand added to the gravel, and water every other day. This would duplicate its natural habitat better.

  2. Thanks Dave, good idea - eggs..baskets...etc

  3. The things you think of when you cant sleep! Should have said replicate rather than duplicate.Ah well.

  4. I got Bryum warneum to ripen in a sand-filled plant pot in Carmarthenshire, so I agree with Dave's suggestion. Good luck!