Saturday, 23 April 2016

Hennediella to look for

When visiting urban parks in south Wales it's worth keeping an eye out for yellow-green patches of Hennediella on trampled ground.  I have only found Hennediella stanfordensis so far in Wales: a couple of times on footpaths near Caldicot and quite frequently on the Wye, Usk and their tributaries.  However, in Chichester (where I am today) there's a lot of H. macrophylla in the parks.  It is similar to a large Barbula unguiculata but the leaf shape is more oval (rather than parallel-sided) and a lens reveals a few teeth near the leaf apex.  Hennediella look more opaque than, for example, Tortula truncata or T. acaulon.

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  1. Useful tips thanks - seems a realistic possibility for our area...