Monday, 26 December 2016

Daltonia twitch

Once I'd relocated the log on which Sam found the Daltonia last week, using the photo to locate the positions of tufts was a straight forward affair, although they were quite a bit smaller than expected, so detail was very helpful. Arriving early meant globules of water were enveloping everything (blown away in photos), but the lids of the capsules of this pretty little moss still glistened like gold and I was very pleased to see this special feature. In addition to the tufts highlighted by Sam, I noted an addition four fruiting tufts immediately to the right of the log lying on the main log, as viewed in Sam's context shot. My context shot, taken from the other side of the log, shows the locations of these additional tufts, with the camera in-shot positioned on the single left-hand tuft shown in Sam's photo.

1 comment:

  1. Cor! That's what a decent camera does for small bryophytes - what stunning pics :-) the teeth on the Scapania nemorea are amazing too.