Tuesday, 27 December 2016

Wisley Wonderland

During a visit to Wisley Royal Horticultural Society Garden during a pre-Christmas family get-together, we came across a wall constructed from lumps of tufa outside the alpine greenhouses. The range of calcicoles (clearly long-established) was quite impressive and I was surprised to see a few species outside of their normal range, e.g. Preissia quadrata, Tortella tortuosa and Leicolea badensis which I guess will have been introduced with the rock. Several of the more interesting species of these aren't shown on the NBN and Preissia appears to be unrecorded in Surrey. Whilst this is a largely introduced community, those species that are thriving would seem worthy of documenting.


  1. Hmm, this might be an excuse for me to use the "Persisting" category for a liverwort Vice-county Voucher. Could you please email me a photo of the Preissia (it's IDable from the photos but I need to print one out for the voucher), plus Grid-ref and date.

  2. I have a voucher, which I'll send you, as I wasn't sure if there were additional European lookalike spp. It would be interesting to know where the tufa came from and how long is been there?

  3. Thanks Barry, that would be great!