Thursday, 15 December 2016

Nedd-fechan in pictures 2

Sam introduced Charles and myself to the very easily overlooked Platydictya jungermannioides (photos 1-2), growing in much the same habitat as Orthothecium intricatum (photo 3), both characteristically occupy humid, shady crevices on limestone. Further downstream there was a small colony of another equally unobtrusive pleurocarp, Amblystegium confervoides (photos 4-5), found growing on a stone embedded in the woodland floor.

All the above were found in what was a reasonably open section of ravine, but with damp vertical cliffs on both sides proving to be productive, the cliff on the right hand bank being higher up the slope. I think Charles is photographing Rhynchostegiella teneriffae in the first pic, the lower photo shows Sam inspecting an emergence hole on the r.h.b. with a decent flow of water surfacing.

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