Thursday, 2 February 2017

Delayed Fossombronia

I noticed a few bryophytes colonising the edge of a newly created pond at Graig farm near Llandovery in early December.  Everything was a bit mashed up by trampling sheep so I put some of the greening mud into a pot and then dried it to check later. I finally got round to looking at it today and on rehydration I was very pleased to find the battered remains of a Fossombronia.  Seems to be F.wondraczeckii, which is a new one for me.  Apparently several more ponds have been formed there since my December visit so there will be lots more mud to look at in future visits.  Hopefully I won't leave the specimens so long before checking them next time.


  1. It's always rewarding to nail a Fossombronia ID, even when it takes a little while coming ;-)

  2. I love those vivid purple rhizoids! I suspect that F wondraczekii would be in poached pasture at Graig too, as I don't think these large-spored liverworts are particularly mobile.