Thursday, 16 February 2017

Searching high and low

We had a family walk on Carn Goch, near Bethlehem today.  Despite searching high and low I didn't spot many bryophytes, although the lichen Usnea articulata was new for the site (I think).  Indeed, most of my photos today were of lichens, the rest of which await ID.


  1. I wasn't very far to the west of you today - in fact I looked over at Carn Goch from a farm near Broad Oak. If I'd had binoculars I might have seen you.

    We found 24 Brown Hairstreak eggs at two new farms at Cwrt Henri, so a good day all round.

  2. There was Barbilophozia attenuata in the deep scree holes, but I didn't spend much time in them. There's sure to be more of interest...

  3. You wouldn't want to get stuck in that position being that camouflaged - no one would find you!