Monday, 19 January 2015

Bryophytes in the snow

I wasn't expecting to see any bryophytes at all when I took the kids up to Storey Arms to play in the snow on Saturday. However, the streams and flushes were free of ice and snow, and a few hastily grabbed tufts of moss provided some nice species I don't see very often (or at all) down my way: Fissidens osmundoides, Campylium stellatum and this rather stunning Scorpidium revolvens, as well as the more familiar Ctenidium molluscum and Philonotis fontanum.

Scorpidium revolvens

These were just above the lay-by on the lower slopes of Fan Fawr (SN976203). Graham - I assume this area has been well covered given its accessibility?


  1. A very uncommon/under-recorded species in Glamorgan, but I suspect it's more frequent in the Beacons. Tidy!

  2. The area between Storey Arms and Craig cerrig-gleisiad is probably best recorded part of vc42

  3. Thanks Graham...I thought that might be the case.