Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Mynydd Aberdare

A short stop in the falling snow on the west side of Mynydd Aberdare today added 40-45 species to SO00C & SO00D. The area I looked at was a mixed Larch/Pine plantation with plenty calcicoles along the verges. Didymodon ferrugineus (first two photos) was locally frequent and was found growing alongside both fallax and insulanus, the differences then being quite obvious. Other associates included Calliergonella lindbergii, Ditrichum gracile, Encalypta streptocarpa, etc.
The branches of the Japanese Larches were heavily clothed in epiphytes, including a few patches of Sanionia uncinata (also noted on the track edge at one spot), but the oddest species noted growing on a branch just above head height was Racomitrium ericoides! Has anyone else ever seen this up a tree before? I’ve also retained a reddish-looking Ulotacrispa’ with somewhat intermediate characters.
Sanionia uncinata clumps on lower twigs
Racomitrium ericoides up a tree!


  1. Some nice records there Barry. Good to see the pics of D ferrugineus, I've been concerned I was overlooking it, but it looks quite distinctive.

    I've seen Pyrola minor in the forestry in SO00C (Bryn Pica).

    SO00D is potentially a very rich square, with all those spoil tips south of the A465, as well as a section of the Nant Ffrwd. There's also a nice little quaking bog at approx. SO008075.

  2. Ditrichum gracile is a nice record for a forestry road verge.