Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Lost records...

Today came across an old notebook of mine with some bryo records from by the Afon Nedd in 2011 which don't appear to have been copied into my dataset or to BRC - interestingly I made a note about finding Anastrophyllum hallerianum growing with Nowellia on a boulder (all other times I have seen it it has been on tree trunks or decaying bark) - presumably on a skin of humic material. Also Campylopus fragilis nearby (and only about 2km from Glam boundary).

I pulled out a few Glam records from my herbarium which may be of interest - Campylopus atrovirens (I briefly mentioned this a while back and had a stab at a grid ref when I didn't realise I had a specimen) and Lophozia incisa (latter on rotting sphagnum with Kurzia pauciflora) from wet heathy habitat at SS489907 near Cefn Bryn on 24 March 2004. These would have been in a batch of records sent to Roy, so hopefully more might turn up at some point.   Also, one I mentioned to Sam earlier - back in June 1995 I visited Kenfig and walked from Centre via south side of pool and across to the sea - I had both Drepanocladus sendtneri and D. lycopodiodes (I clearly remember dense mats of the first hanging from Salix repens in a dried out slack) - unfortunately I didn't make a note of grid ref.  If I had to guess it might be somewhere around SS7980 or just to north.  The lycopodiodes, if it still exisits, may be a good distance from Sam's recent records from north of pool.

Glad to see some of you managed to get out looking at bryos over Xmas - I have been busying myself with family history again and my only attempt to get out to look at bryos was foiled when family decided at last minute to come along for the walk, but did spot some interesting habitats which i'll go back to at some point. Spring has come early in Llangynidr - quite a lot of hawthorn and blackthorn had leafy shoots by end of December and I saw first globeflower leaves (it grows by the R Usk) on 2 Jan, so that too must have been visible in December, plus a couple of primroses flowering well by the river - crazy!  



  1. Not sure how you intend mobilising these records Graham, but feel free to send any my way. Once in my copy MapMate, they will be distributed to other local recorders, the LRC and Sam then the BBS db.
    We saw our first Daffodils in flower on Christmas Eve - interesting times!

  2. I tend to send records to BRC at end of year(-ish) and copy in any VC recorders of counties I have recorded in - I'll copy to yourself and Sam. I'll try get 2014 records, earlier records and dets to Oli by end of Jan.

  3. That will be great thanks Graham