Tuesday, 10 November 2015

Herzog's Pocket-moss at Penrice

note larger shoots of F. incurvus top right
I came across a lovely little colony of Fissidens crispus (=limbatus) comprising hundreds of fruiting plants on the shaded lane bank as you head down the hill from the village towards the estate (SS49208792). The main direct associates on the near-vertical bank were F. incurvus & Oxyrrhychium pumilum, the very long perichaetial leaves drawing attention to this tiny Fissidens, in which the shoots were just over 2mm long (left photo below, 8 units=2mm; right photo shows the small protruberant cells).


  1. Nice record Barry and a very useful set of photos.

  2. Excellent - that's a very uncommon moss that I have only seen a handful of times. It does seem genuinely spottable in the field. Is that Epipterygium or Entosthodon alongside?

  3. It's not Epipterygium and I had left it unidentified as without fruits there were too many lookalikes to consider. However, your interest resulted in me retrieving the specimen from the bin and taking a couple of shots just in case you area able to name it. The border might suggest obtusus if it is an Entosthodon, but I wouldn't expect that to be growing on what was essentially a dry bank.