Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Scapania subalpina query

Sam, I'm not sure if you saw the query in my previous post, so I've repeated it here:
I don't suppose you know who might have been working for Cresswell Associates in 2004, as I have a record of Scapania subalpina for this site [Tor Clawdd SN680052], which I came across when tallying the square? The list includes numerous lichens as well as other bryophytes requiring a good level of expertise. Oddly this was the only Scapania they recorded, neither compacta or nemorea (the two species I noted) appearing on their list.


  1. The only recent record of Scapania subalpina from VC41 that I recall was made by Roy Perry among a dataset during contracted work, though I'm not sure who that was for. It may well be that he was working for Cresswell Associates as a subcontracted specialist. I do wish consultancies would name their recorders, especially for critical groups like bryophytes! The recorder's name adds veracity (or doubt) to records of uncommon species, which is why I am also in favour of ensuring NBN/LRC data are not stripped of their identified.

  2. PS the split between subalpina and compacta is far from easy...

  3. I note the species is not listed for Glamorgan so I'm assuming no validated record exists? Maybe worth me contacting Cresswell Associates to trace this one as the other data looks like it was produced by someone a level of competence.
    In light of this record I've checked my Scapania samples carefully and could not find any subalpina, but they're very small samples from a long length of crags.