Thursday, 5 November 2015

Waungron, Grovesend

I found some Didymodon fallax in fruit during this morning's Alfie-time, at a small coal spoil site (SN599020) near home that has long been overgrown with dense mat of Calliergonella cuspidata. The fruiting plants, found growing on a crust of soil on a mound of broken concrete (photo below), had leaves considerably more recurved than the bulk of plants noted elsewhere at the site. Although the leaves and reddish colour of the lower leaves suggested ferrugineus (a species for which capsules are unrecorded in Britain), closer examination confirmed it was indeed just fallax. Elongate cells on the adaxial side of the costa ruled out insulanus, although I must confess these cells weren't as defined as illustrated (photo below).

There were no species of any real note, but Syntrichia ruralis ssp. ruraliformis and fruiting Dicranella varia provided some local interest.


  1. Those Dicranella capsules look oddly symmetrical - they should be inclined in typical D varia. Smith ed 1 mentions a form with small capsules (perhaps the result of D varia x howei).

  2. These were surprisingly tiny, maybe half the normal size and pretty much consistently erect. There were more normal larger ones present too in the same area which were inclined. I couldn't make it anything else, but thought I'd post as an item of curiosity as much as anything. I'll send you the specimen with the few other bits and bobs I need to post to you in case you fancy a closer look yourself. Thanks.