Saturday, 21 November 2015

The distinctive capsules of Pohlia elongata collected from a recess in the grassy slopes below the crags at Cwm Clydach (the Swansea one SN681051) yesterday. Now recorded from 5 tetrads in Glamorgan
The Glamorgan records make the sole Monmouthshire site - in the far west of VC35 - make good sense.


  1. Yes - a really excellent record. I've only found it once in VC35, though my record fits your VC41 pattern (I'll add a map).

  2. A noteworthy species for the South Wales region then.
    Sam, I don't suppose you know who might have been working for Cresswell Associates in 2004, as I have a record of Scapania subalpina for this site, which I came across when tallying the square? The list includes numerous lichens as well as other bryophytes requiring a good level of expertise. Oddly this was the only Scapania they recorded, neither compacta or nemorea (the two species I noted) appearing on their list.