Monday, 7 March 2016

Bog Germanderwort

Yesterday I spent 1½ hours recording in a coniferous plantation through which the Nant Meurig gently cascades down towards Tre-Forgan, in what is largely an obtuse valley. The river bank was horribly Bramble-dominated in places, my thin trousers providing almost no protection, resulting in two very scratched and bloody legs! Anyway, with additional records from tracks, tarmac, etc., the square total of SN70Y was raised from 51 to 88. In contrast to the all the highlights of the previous day, things were generally more mundane, although Nowellia curvifolia was wonderfully abundant, covering logs (mostly conifers) and fallen branches everywhere. A Riccardia growing amongst Nowellia on a couple of logs (approximate location arrowed above) seemed an odd occurrence and I was pleasantly surprised to discover it keyed out as R. latifrons; the rather common name of Bog Germanderwort seemed somewhat inappropriate, but apparently it is occasionally associated with Nowellia on logs. Under the microscope, the lack of oil bodies and obliquely angled marginal cells look to be diagnostic. There is only one other Glamorgan record, made by Sam in 2014 at Hirwaun, though no habitat details are given. The scratched legs are now a pleasant reminder of an unexpected find! [Just noted Sam's post of latifrons in Brechfa last year, see HERE]


  1. Very nice record for NPT Barry. I'll keep an eye open for it elsewhere.

  2. Me too. Good work again Barry.