Saturday, 12 March 2016

Gilfach, Radnorshire

A quick stop at Radnorshire Wildlife Trust's Gilfach reserve en route back from a meeting produced a few interesting mosses on riverside rocks.  Highlight was Grimmia ramondii (photo), which was frequent on one boulder and is the first Record for VC43.  Nearby were Isothecium holtii (photo) as well as small patches of Platyhypnidium lusitanicum.  Fruiting Scapania compacta (photo) occupied the driest parts of the rocks in the river.

It doesn't look as though next month's BBS Spring Meeting in Radnorshire will be visiting Gilfach, perhaps because it is perceived as being well-recorded.  I'm not sure my 20 minute visit backs up that feeling :-)

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